Tree Planting, Woodland Management and new for 2019 woodland and lake holiday experiences in Sweden !

Acres Wild Woodlands Ltd can create and manage your woodlands for the future in the UK and Europe. We can also offer back to nature woodland accommodation in our native woodlands in France and Sweden.

What we do

With more than 25 years experience in forestry, woodland management and eco tourism, we work to promote more sustainable woodland management practices and encourage new woodland expansion. We are lead contractors for the Forestry Commission’s Tree Health Contract across many areas of England where we survey for a range of tree pests and diseases. We manage our own small woodlands in UK, Sweden and France.

We also offer a range of opportunities to reconnect people with the land through positive wilderness experiences in our Swedish woodlands and holiday accommodation (please contact Gordon) with a good chance of spotting moose. We also facilitate visits to our base in the French Pyrenees.

Keep it clean

We have never and will never use chemicals on our land or your land, employing practical and proven alternatives for successful tree establishment for example. Acres Wild woodland in France is in the centre of the Parc Naturel Ariege Pyrennees with the aims of promoting good land management and sustainable eco tourism initiatives.

Our Swedish woods are managed to the same principles. The respect for and protection of nature in Sweden is exemplary and is something we should all experience and learn from. The area has numerous Water Protection Areas and offers many wild lake swimming opportunities, in crystal clear water and out to deserted pine clad islands. Boats and canoes are also available and the area is wonderful for hiking, biking (including Sweden’s premier MTB downhill trails at Gesunda), ice skating, ice fishing, cross country and downhill skiing.

Woodland conservation and reforestation organisations we support

We support the work of woodland restoration charities including Tree Aid in Africa and the wonderful Scottish Wildwood restoration and expansion work of Trees For Life